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Ben Barnes

This is one of the most funny Ben Barnes interview EVER

"I don’t like needing anyone for anything."

—Jackie Robinson   (via williegreene)

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PM Ponta: I can’t say we are closer to Schengen

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(for meme) Hey darling. Let's go have some feisty fun somewhere else [hugs tightly, glares slightly at other person] —aphroditetinyisland



Hm? Athena-

[notices where she’s looking at]

Of course dear. Let’s get moving.

[looks over at grins]

I’m glad to see you understand. 

Of course I do.

I did the same for you once.



And try to make it through three days. Got it. I suppose not. *is silently praying that the Turk wouldn’t get in trouble*

Let’s hope we won’t have to come to that.

Exactly. That’s all that matters. Plus staying away from vampire fanatics. [frowns, mumbling something about ‘crazed youths’]

Let anyone who dares insult us hope for that also.

O.o —ask-serbia



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29 - “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

What… wasn’t supposed to happen, and in what way?

Vuk didn’t want to feel. He didn’t want to open up or to be exposed. Vulnerable. These emotions were teasing him and taunting him, daring him to explore them to the fullest. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he tensed momentarily, lost in his thoughts as he was, but relaxed under the reassurance it had to offer. As Horia talked he listened. He was the one person that could calm him down when he got agitated or upset. Rather than start something that would be worse off in the end, he could always rant to the other nation. Sometimes he did and other times violence was appropriate. This time he was neither ranting nor violent. He was merely there begging for the emotions to numb themselves. It didn’t help when Horia gently squeezed his hand. At the other nation’s words, Serbia faced him. He paused. ” I know.. I want to be happy for you..I just can’t be right now.”  Vuk said before shaking his head. ” I’m too much of a jealous ass to want it to be okay. ” He said as he forced a chuckle.

For a few moments, he looked down at his feet, not knowing what to say to the other. He tried to comfort the Serbian, since had done so for Horia many times in the past. And most of those times, if not all of them, he’d succeeded in making the Romanian feel better. Now, when it was Vuk who needed comforting, Horia didn’t know what to do. Not in this situation. And it pained him. It pained him to know that he couldn’t do anything for the other. It pained him to know that he was the reason Vuk was feeling like this. He hated this, hated causing the other pain. But… what could he do? He loved his girlfriend, more than anything… And at some point, he had loved Vuk in that intense way as well. Yet now? Something between them couldn’t happen. Yes, he still loved the Serbian to bits, and he’d gladly admit to that; just not as he did before. He had forced himself to push those feelings away after seeing that a relationship wans’t possible. “Don’t call yourself an ass, please. You’re a wonderful person who shouldn’t call himself such nasty things.”

(for meme) Hey darling. Let's go have some feisty fun somewhere else [hugs tightly, glares slightly at other person] —aphroditetinyisland

Hm? Athena-

[notices where she’s looking at]

Of course dear. Let’s get moving.



Well, then, what are we to do? Since I also represent the same nation as you, I’ve gotten affected in some way. At least it’s not werewolf.

….I really hope that they also don’t ask if either of us sparkle.

We shut up about it, control ourselves, and make sure we don’t get into any trouble. Besides, the Turk was right… Getting blood from a hospital wouldn’t be an easy task. And does it matter, really? It’s still a folk creature.

… Do you really think they can afford to have Hell fall down upon their heads?


" Oh…just the fact that you’re now a vampire and I.." [doesn’t know how to say it so he doesn’t] ".. I can’t believe you don’t have a plan. You need one, hell I need one. This whole thing-"[ shuts his eyes tightly and tenses, feeling them change not only color but form. Extremely painful and this affected his voice] " Its…Why damnit why is this happening?"

"You what? Are you some sort of supernatural creature now also?" [He glances at the other with a worries expression upon his face.] "What are you? And yes, but other than that, there is not much to be done. I think." [Only then do his now red eyes widen slightly as he approaches the Serbian, placing a hand on his shoulder.] "Vuk? What’s going on?"

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Uh oh! Your character is watching mine get hit on and is feeling possessive. How does your character handle this?

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