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okay, i’m gonna go to bed now


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there are the linguistic similarities, but i don’t think it’s criteria for being listed on the map; the caucasus and some of the middle east got on there, after all, as well as north africa.

that’s true… guess i can drop the idea of it being on the map

yeah, i forgot rome never got to moldova; the free dacians were living there and they were probably too vicious to let anyone on their lands

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i thought rome didn’t get up quite that far? there’s a lot of vague migration bullshit that goes on iirc

i forgot that they didn’t, sorry (in fact, i think they mostly covered wallachia and southern transylvania, maybe a bit of dobrogea)

but being east romance (linguistic similarities with the other latins and all) i thought it would go there too

eh, maybe not

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why isn’t Moldova on that Roman Empire reunited map

i forgot that the romans never reached Moldova, yet tbh I’d still expect it to be on the map, since it was part of Romania and is now an east romance country


why isn’t Moldova on that Roman Empire reunited map



If the Roman Empire Reunited

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Grampa Rome calling for a Family meeting would be a great episode



if someone tells you you’re beautiful, you tell them they are too. if someone says they love you, decide if they mean it before you say it in return. if a boy tells you he’d date you if you didn’t smoke, light a cigarette and walk away. if your mother screams at you because she’s had a bad day, close your eyes and leave her to her anger. if last nights lover doesn’t call you back, do not cry and blame yourself.

This is important

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I seem to keep ending up with these bad boy characters.

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