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"You are not weak just because your heart feels so heavy."

—Andrea Gibson (via ohthepossibiliteas)

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romanianwarrior replied to your post:Guess who got 100 points on her Romanian test


Throws confetti in the air

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spookyredhattie replied to your postall i want is to see aph ro watching dracula…

First line, he’s staring at the screen. “…TransylvANIA?!?!”


Guess who got 100 points on her Romanian test

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—You know, I almost feel as if some fleeting lifetime has passed since I saw some of you last! Which really is not good at all—for the most part. I will make curfew calls where they are due, otherwise.


And to the rest of you- I will catch myself out before prattling on, yet again! So come, come, let me find some clean glasses for you! It would only be right to start this week on the right foot, yes?

Thank you. And yes, it would. Wouldn’t want to start the week off badly, or else the negativity might ‘haunt’ me for the rest of the it. And I certainly don’t want that.

How are you doing?


( Stange question, random answer! <3 

wolfofromania )

roemenie replied to your post:all i want is to see aph ro watching dracula…

he literally talks through the whole movie. by the end everyone has already left and he’s reduced to saying “that’s wrong. that’s wrong. that’s wrong” over and over again because there is no time to elaborate

'no, it wasn't in transylvania'

'that armour is all wrong'

'that entire turkish camp looks as big as my entire country'

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well. it’s been almost nine months since i started this blog and in that time, you guys have been with me through all kinds of things and i can honestly say that the people here have literally changed my life. ilu guys!

people who have become more than just rp friends

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special shoutout to dlanor-a-knoxknoxjokes who has been my sounding board for almost every decision of this blog from its creation, but also simply for being my best friend and an overall lovely person

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all i want is to see aph ro watching dracula untold

and pointing out all those inaccuracies

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SEE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN, stoker’s dracula IS transylvanian (well. szekely, technically) but in actual reality vlad iii was not, this is the first tipoff to me that they read the novel very thoroughly but nothing else

this really bugs me, honestly. the movie is pretty much just van helsing’s description of dracula’s past as it is written in the book, and the rest, the real stuff, is overlooked

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